Akiva School

Akiva School

"Akiva School provides a shining example of how the cognitive approach to learning can complement other pedagogical approaches in seeking to meet the educational needs of children."
- Cognitive Education Development Unit, University of Exeter

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Akiva School is the only voluntary aided Progressive Jewish primary school in North West London.



Happy Passover to everyone! The Summer term starts on Tuesday 3rd May. 

Friday closing time from 6th May until the end of the Summer Term is 3pm.

 ADMISSIONS - RECEPTION 2016:   We realise that results for Reception 2016 admissions will be released online on Monday 18th May at 5pm.  The school is closed for the Passover break until Tuesday 3rd May. However, we will be accessing emails intermittently so if you have any questions or concerns regarding admissions please email the school office.

We have new Summer Term Menus.  Term will start on Week 1 of the Menus.                                Menu 1     Menu 2    Menu 3