Akiva School

Akiva School

"Akiva School provides a shining example of how the cognitive approach to learning can complement other pedagogical approaches in seeking to meet the educational needs of children."
- Cognitive Education Development Unit, University of Exeter

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Akiva School is the only voluntary aided Progressive Jewish primary school in North West London.



Y5 pupils contribute to Tate Modern Exhibit

Akiva school was very excited to host Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas (and his two year old daughter Anna!) on Tuesday. Abraham worked with Year 5  creating sculptures from found objects in the classroom.  He also worked with young Akiva gardeners, taking soil from the school to use  for his new commission at the Turbine Gallery in the Tate Modern, which officially opens on October 13th. Akiva parents are encouraged to take their children to see the installation. Abraham inspired the children to think about using a variety of materials when creating art and to look around them to appreciate beauty where they might not have recognised it before. Our thanks to parent Mark Godfrey who facilitated this great opportunity!

 We are on week 2 of the menu.      This week's Parsha is B'reishit

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