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 In these unprecedented times, as we all follow government guidelines regarding Covid 19 and practice social distancing, we appreciate the implications on parents wishing to fulfill our criteria for school admissions for Reception 2020.  Many, but not all, synagogues are offering live streams to their services and some are providing good alternatives to regular services.  NNLS are using a Kabbalah Shabbat and Havdalah in place of Shabbat services and we are happy to accept evidence of attendance to these as an alternative.

Our criteria remain the same as indicated in our admissions arrangements.  However, during the lockdown or long periods of self-isolation, instead of dockets or a signature, we are happy to accept photographic evidence in the form of a screenshot of selfie etc, both preferably dated, of services/specific shabbat events attended as a live screen by qualifying synagogues.  


Local qualifying synagogues include the following, although any other Liberal, Reform or Progressive synagogue will be accepted.






If you have any queries please contact the office by email admin@akivaschool.org


Admissions for entry into school for Reception September 2021

  • If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 you will need to apply to your home council for a place in a primary school for the 2020/2021 academic year.

  • Prospective parents need to enrol on the London Borough of Barnet website, where you will find the online application form for the London Borough of Barnet.

  • You will also need to submit a Supplementary Application Form (please see below).

  • The criteria and Supplementary Application Form for 2020/21 can be found below:

Schools Admissions Criteria 2021-2022

Supplementary Application Form 2021-22

Proforma of possible Shabbatot 1st May 2020-31st October 2020

  • The deadline for sending in the forms for 2021-2022 is 15th January 2021

Applying from Israel?

 For appeals click here.

 In year applications for the Academic Year 2019/2020

If you are looking for a place at Akiva School in the current academic year 2019-20, then please look at our admissions criteria below (please click the links).

School Admissions Criteria 2019-2020

Supplementary Application form 2019-2020