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Attendance Regulations

In September 2014 the DfE introduced updated school attendance regulations.

These changes represent a toughening of the Department for Education’s stance on leave of absence with the inference that sanctions are an essential part of the fight against unnecessary absence from school.

The Pupil Registration Regulations amendment prohibits headteachers from granting leave of absence save in exceptional circumstances and only when an application is made in advance. The amendment removes mention of holidays from the regulations.

The Penalty Notice Regulations are amended so that Fixed-penalty notices (FPN) will have to be paid within 21 days for the lower £60 rate to apply, and allows just seven days for payment of the higher rate of £120. This reduces the possible payment period from 42 to 28 days. More information on penalties is provided below.

 Penalty Notice Information 

 Please review the term dates which are published in advance on the website.

You must familiarise yourself with these and make them known to your wider family.

Please review Akiva's specific attendance guidelines below:

Attendance Guidelines 

Leave of Absence

Before making a request for absence, please be aware of the term dates which are published in advance on the website.

A request for leave of absence should be made on the specific form (button below).

Please read carefully the Attendance Guidelines above and the Regulations on this page as well as the information on the form, before submitting your request. 

You must provide documentation to support a request for special or exceptional leave of absence.

Leave of Absence Form