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Get involved

Give your time

The PTA thrives on involvement from active school parents and can provide great opportunities to become involved and really help make a difference to the school and pupils. You don’t need any particular knowledge or skills and it doesn’t matter whether or not you know any of the other parents. In fact, it can be a good way of getting to know other parents.

We understand that many parents work and their time is already restricted so we strive to provide a range of ways to get involved. Your participation can be anything from an on-going commitment to an ad hoc or one-off role.

All you need is a bit of spare time and an interest in how you can help the school and we’ll give you the perfect platform to do whatever you can do. Whether you’re interested in helping with the library, the garden, the challah delivery or a whole variety of other tasks or organising large or small events, there’s bound to be something which would benefit from a bit of your time.

Use your skills and contacts

If you have particular skills or contacts that you would be happy to share, please let us know.

Share your ideas

If you don’t have time to be involved but you have a great idea for an event or a cause for us to support, please share it with us. We’re happy to be inspired by you.

Support our events

We appreciate entirely that there may not be any time to volunteer or get involved but please come to the events that we organise if you can. We are always grateful to parents, children and staff for their support.


It is essential that all parents are able to get involved with the PTA if they so wish and that the PTA is accessible to all. If you have any particular needs and/or there is anything that we can do to facilitate your involvement, please contact us as detailed below (in confidence).


Please contact Rachel Peters (PTA Chair) if you would like to get involved or want to discuss anything. You can contact the PTA at ptaakiva@gmail.com